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Institutions Using Human Ecology

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 Each is different ~

Each of the schools below, offering Human Ecology courses, approaches the discipline with a different emphasis. Some stress the ecological aspects, some the socio-emotional learning (SEL), some the practical life skills, all include developing cultural intelligence and interaction with the larger world. Globally, the needs are also different in each culture. In the US, for instance, the complexity of the social systems requires more life skill education and navigation to maintain a household. In other countries, it may be more agriculturally-based skills, or community development skills. Wellbeing, Flourishing, the German "Bildung", all are current terms for the human-centered design of national learning required for people to understand themselves as human beings living within a communal society.

Syosset, NY USA

Sevenoaks, Kent UK

East Hampton, NY USA

Tampa, FL USA

Helsinki, Finland

Bryn Mawr, PA USA

Toronto, ON Canada

Society for Human Ecology - PDF

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