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Preventing Poverty

Prevention is a powerful concept; it saves the staggering costs of treating later -- especially for poverty. It can be prevented by acquiring the knowledge and skills to make better life decisions in the complex social environment of the U.S. This PDF summarizes the concept and can be presented as a slide deck.

Legal Research and Writing
Human Ecology
Education K-14
Single Mothers,
Slide Presentation
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Human Learning Systems, published by The Center for Public Impact,, downloadable, and fantastic for telling truth to power.


Deep Economy, by Bill McKibben, 2007 — Achieving a human scale world.


The Sweetness of a  Simple Life, by Diana Beresford-Kroeger, 2015 — Tips for a better life from a natural scientist.


The Moral Economy, by Samuel Bowles, 2016 — Why good [capitalistic] incentives are no substitute for good citizens.


The Future of Success, by Robert Reich, 2002 — Working and living in the New [human-centered] Economy.


Rational Choice in an Uncertain World, by Robyn M. Dawes, 1988  — How to evaluate and make good decisions.


The Great Guide, by Julian Baggini, 2021 — What David Hume can teach us about being human and living well.


Cradle to Cradle, by William McHonough and Michael Braaungart, 2002 — Remaking the way we make things [rethinking consumption].


The Unconscious Civilization, by John Ralston Saul, 2005 — Reconnecting language to reality for each of us.


Home Economics, by Wendell Berry, 1987 — On keeping your feet on the ground, every day values.


Human Capital, by Gary Becker, 1993 — The economic upside of investing in personal education, knowledge and skills.


The World We Create, by Tomas Bjorkman, 2019 — Our individual contributions to the creation of culture and contemporary thought.


Aspiration, The Agency of Becoming, by Agnes Callard, 2018 — The process of selfhood, transformation, and acquiring new values.


Fewer, Better Things, by Glenn Adamson, 2018 — How to rethink consumption.


Pierre Bordieu, Key Concepts, 2008 — French philosopher on the being of human in society.

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